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There was a time when "horse trading" was conducted with just a handshake. Buyers and sellers trusted each other in general business transactions and assumed the good character of the other party. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Technology, work pressures, financial demands, communication errors, and lack of knowledge of the law creates dangerous pitfalls for transacting business without someone to guide you.


If you are considering an important equine or dog transaction, call Kathy.   A simple review of your contract can save you years of heartache and possible financial loss, and let's not forget - a good written contract can preserve valuable relationships and ensure appropriate expectations. Kathy can advise you on any contract related to buying, leasing, selling, boarding, shipping, and training horses and dogs. In addition, her knowledge of equine veterinary care, farrier services, and property purchase/lease can help resolve a dispute before it escalates into a lawsuit.


CONTACT Kathy before signing on the dotted line. You'll be surprised how affordable her legal advise can be as compared to the risk you take without it.

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