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An experienced, horse-knowledgeable attorney can be especially beneficial, providing practical advice on a wide variety of legal issues and disputes. Kathy's knowledge of working barns, equine care, equine breeds, training and show programs, no matter the breed or discipline, is vital to effective communication and execution of a contract or litigation.  Kathy most commonly advises clients on the following subjects:


  • Horse and dog sales, leases, and breeding

  • Training and riding instruction

  • Boarding

  • Liability releases and waivers

  • Joint ownership, partnership, and ownership issues

  • Business advising for profit and non-profit businesses, including entity formation and employment issues

  • Insurance coverage

  • Risk assessment

  • Veterinary malpractice, negligence, and authorization for treatment

  • Horse and dog injuries

  • Debt collection and creditors' rights, including lien enforcement for unpaid board and training

  • Claim and delivery or replevin actions to regain pocessession of an owner's horse and property.


Unfortunately, protecting and pursuing your rights after you, or your horse, are harmed can be costly. Defending yourself in a legal dispute once it has begun is also expensive.


Avoiding legal disputes before they happen - through sound planning and risk management - is often the best and cheapest approach.


Kathryn A. Hall PC is a full service law firm handling all horse and dog related legal matters throughout Oregon and Washington. Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an initial consultation.

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